Our story

Jewellery with character

Why choose Lumi Jewellery?

We have been spreading our love for high quality & ethically sourced jewellery for over 3 years with Lumi Gemstones Ltd.

We have sold thousands of necklaces, rings & bracelets ... so much so, that we have now created our own platform, solely for our jewellery pieces.

This will enable us to expand our range & offer more personalised services.

Learn more about our story below!

Our story

Lumi Jewellery was born through Emily's passion for ethically sourced crystal jewellery, & is the proud sister company to Lumi Gemstones.

Through years of experience of sourcing sustainable, ethical & traceable gemstones, Lumi Jewellery is proud to work with their carefully selected like-minded suppliers to fulfil their jewellery requirements.

If you're excited to connect with your crystal jewellery, look no further! Jewellery is individually listed to enable you to carefully select your favourite piece, just like Lumi Jewellery do; ensuring only the best pieces reach their online store.

Our founder

Emily Salf | proud founder of Lumi Jewellery

After growing our sister company Lumi Gemstones since 2019, I have re-connected with a strong passion of mine; sentimental jewellery. This has led me to create Lumi Jewellery; to bring meaningful, unique & ethical jewellery to the lives of our customers.

As Lumi Jewellery grows, I plan to invest in more jewellery making equipment & provide a wide range of handmade bracelets, anklets & pendants, alongside personalised pieces & made-to-order pieces.

Giving back to the Planet is important to me. Over the last few years we have planted hundreds of tree's in the countries where we primarily purchase our gemstones (Madagascar & Mozambique). We have offset (literally!) tonnes of Co2 emissions, & our sister company Lumi Gemstones has donated over £1000 to various charities, including RSPCA & Macmillan Cancer Support, as well as local charities such as 7th Heaven Hedgehog Rescue & Manor Estate Farm. I mention this because we will now be doubling our efforts to give back to the Universe & planet, by getting Lumi Jewellery on board. Lumi Jewellery will be an environmentally conscious company, such as re-using plastic packaging from suppliers, using our own cardboard bubble wrap, cardboard boxes & biodegradable shipping bags.

I personally enjoy spending my free time with a good crime investigation book, eating good food, chilling with our three cats (more of these on social media!) & travelling. 

I hope you enjoy your time with us in the world of crystal jewellery, I'm certainly excited to share our new venture with you!

Emily x